Krypten is a crypto exchange that allow corporate customers to receive payments from their clients in a decentralized digital currency. This solution will allow your business to accept crypto payments for goods and services quickly and efficiently.

Easy & Quick

Accept and bill your merchants to be paid in Crypto Currency


Receive Crypto Currency payments from your customers anywhere in the world

Easy conversions

Received Crypto Currency will be automatically converted to FIAT and deposited into your account

Reliable & Low Cost

Transparent and competitive fees to receive your payments in Crypto Currency

Our mission

How It Works

Banking partner will connect the corporate customer with the third-party provider Krypten for onboarding purposes
Krypten will perform its own KYC onboarding process of the corporate customer
Upon KYC approval, the corporate customer will be able to generate a Payment Link to be used to receive the virtual currency payments from their business partners
Once the virtual currency payments are received by the third-party provider Krypten they are automatically converted to EURO
Once the payment is reviewed and approved by the Krypten’s AML team, the funds will be distributed in FIAT money to the account under the name of the corporate customer opened with our Banking Partner

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